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Step one - working out your body shape » Step one - Working out your body shape

11 Dec 2010 (06:56)Author: Donny Galella

Before you look at the various body shapes, you need to work out  what your body shape is. Here is a quick guide on how to determine your body shape.

Step 1 - Stand in front of a full length mirror, in your underwear or very tight fitted clothes. Yes, it's going to be tough for some of you, but think of the amazing results once you finally start dressing properly for your shape. I promise you're going to look fabulous, are you ready? Deep breath. Clothes off.

Step 2 - Draw 'mental' dots on the very outside points of your shoulders.

Step 3 - Draw 'mental' dots on the edges of the most narrow part of your body. This is generally going to be your waistline, but for some it will be just under your bust.

Step 4 - Then draw 'mental' dots on the edges of your hips,  this is usually the widest part of your body.

Step 5 - Now visually try and connect the dots, from your shoulders to your waist, to your hips. You will start to see a shape develop. As you connect the dots, think about the various shapes: hourglass, skittle, cello, bell, goblet, lollipop, brick, column, apple etc You can see these shapes below.

The 12 key body shapes

An hourglass shape for example will start at the shoulder, come in at the waist and back out at the hip.

Column and brick shapes are quite up and down, very geometic in shape. They don't have exaggerated curves.

Apple shapes start at the shoulders, go outwards at the waist and come back in under the hips, and so on.

It's possible to have characteristics of two body shapes or that you used to be x xhape, but after having kids you are now another shape.

To help you even further in working out your body shape and how to dress for your shape, please see my next few blog posts which is dedicated to this. I take a look at a few celebritie and help you determine what to wear, what not to wear and provde lots of useful hints and tips.


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